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Hosts and Sponsors

A good host committee and strong sponsors are making this event successful.

Our hearty thanks to those who have stepped up with such generous support!

Special Hosts

Gary and Barbara Ruebel

Host Committee

ABC of Iowa PAC

Associated General Contractors

Steve and Carmine Boal

Matthew and Melanie Edwards

Chris and Amanda Hagenow

Iowa Bankers Association PAC

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

Iowa Firearms Coalition PAC

Iowans for Tax Relief PAC

Iowa State Bar Association

Dr. Chad and Sarah Johnson

Sen. Zach and Kelly Nunn

Richard and Cathy Rogers

Mark and Mary Roth

Tim and Pam Westrum

Matt Whitaker

Sen. Jack and Rachel Whitver

Bill and Tammy Zook

Patriot Sponsors

Chris and Rebecca Beard

Jill and Doug Struyk

Johnne and Linda Syverson

Joe and Shelly Wanninger

Billy and Samantha Wilson


Eric and Georgia Barker

George and Michelle Caron

Matt and Robin Cramer

Eric and Rachel Goranson

Jake Highfill and Jenny Dorman

Bill and Carol Moore

John and Sue Weirich

Jack and Kimberly Wharton

Yard Sign Installers

Chad Johnson is our yard sign coordinator. He and his family are doing excellent work with it. But, it is a lot to manage! We need individuals, couples, families, or other teams who can help install our regular-sized yard signs in locations where the property owners have already agreed to have a sign. We need help especially in the Ankeny and Des Moines addresses of House District 40 (although Chad probably needs help in Altoona, too). If you can help with this, please let us know at or by calling or texting Chad (515.681.9704), Jacob (712.539.8243), or Bill (515.201.3867).

Large Sign Installers

Andrew and Candice Bennett (along with their kids) have stepped up to help with large signs (and small ones, too). They are working with Chad to get those placed, and doing great work with it! They might need some help on that. If you are interested in helping with our medium signs (2' x 4') and our large signs (4' x 6') at various locations around the district, the most direct course would be to contact Candice at 515.778.5834. You may also call or text Chad (515.681.9704), Jacob (712.539.8243), or Bill (515.201.3867), but the Bennetts and Chad will know the most current status of these signs.

Urgent: Sending Mailers

We have at one more general fundraising letter to send to selected recipients. If you can help process mailings as part of a team that will fold and stuff the contents, and then address the envelopes, we can use your help. These mailers help generate much needed funding to run an effective campaign. The urgency is wanting to send this out ASAP this week to receive donations for the last reporting period before the election. All funds received after October 14 will not be reported until after the election, and we need to send a strong message with strong fundraising to our oppositionIf you can help with this, please let us know at or by calling or texting Jacob (712.539.8243) or Bill (515.201.3867).

Yard Sign Phone Calls

Sign Location Callers

Our supply of yard signs is dwindling--which is a good thing! We have a list of voters who should lean friendly toward electing Bill in this House District and who live on busy streets where we would love to put some of our remaining signs. We want to call on those in key locations to ask for yard sign permission. If you can help with this, please let us know at or by calling or texting Jacob (712.539.8243) or Bill (515.201.3867).

Ongoing Door Knocking

When it comes to reaching voters in a legislative or local race, there is just no substitute for knocking on doors as an effective way to generate support. This is especially true with a winning message of minimizing government and maximizing freedom. So, we know we are always putting out the call to "knock on doors," but that's because it is just so important. We know not everyone can do it, and that is why we have the list of other projects on this page. But, even an hour or two of help knocking doors makes a huge difference! And, we make it easy!! We will be knocking doors pretty much every Saturday until Election Day, and even most weekdays for some time each day. Join us if you can, and seasoned door knockers can even go out on their own using the Advantage app. We will put out emails noting when and where we will be knocking on most days. If you can help with this, please let us know at or by calling Jacob (712.539.8243) or Bill (515.201.3867)

Special: October 21

We have a "VIP Knock" with a special guest who will be knocking doors with us on Friday, October 21. Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg has kindly offered himself to take our message to voters in HD 40 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, starting from the south side of the parking lot at Saints John & Paul Catholic Church in Altoona. We would love to have a strong showing of volunteers that day!! Some of us will be starting earlier that day, and we would like not only to have a good number involved when Lt. Governor Gregg is there, but also to make it a banner day for the number of doors reached! We don't have to know your are coming ahead of time, but it helps. If you can make it, let us know or by calling Jacob (712.539.8243) or Bill (515.201.3867).

Special: October 22

We also have a couple of other long-time friends and VIPs joining us to knock doors on Saturday, October 22, starting at 10:00 am. We have former RPI National Committeewoman and former President of Iowa Right to Life Kim Lehman helping us kick off the knocking on Saturday, and we will be joined by former State Representative Kevin Koester about 11:00. We will be knocking in Ankeny and the surrounding area, launching from Somersby Park, 816 SW Springfield Dr., Ankeny, Iowa.

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