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Bill Gustoff
Fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in Iowa

Check Out Our Campaign Commercial: "Families First"

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Bill Gustoff is a native Iowan with a long history of fighting for individual liberties, constitutional principles, limited government, religious freedom, and making Iowa a friendly environment to do business and raise a family. First Elected to the Iowa House in 2022, Bill now takes that energy and passion to the Iowa House of Representatives to secure the blessings of liberty for future generations of Iowans. Read More



“Iowa has shown itself to be a national leader in sound fiscal policy, strong economic growth, and protecting individual liberties. I enjoy working with Governor Reynolds and my colleagues in the Iowa legislature to keep Iowa top in the nation.” 

—Bill Gustoff


Iowa House District 40 (2022 - New Precincts).jpg
Iowa House District 40 (2022).jpg
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